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Flooding in Europe

Flood mitagation strategy

Hazards and floods

Type of floods

European policy about floods

Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative, 2006

The World’s Worst Floods

Mapping for flood disasters- international science experiences

Floods disaster N1

Types of maps

FAQ_ floods response

Animation floods

Flooding in Bulgaria 2005

Flooding Bulgaria2010

Floods conceptions, basic definition and analysis

Floods in the world

Tsunami information in Japan

Hurricane Irene

Flooding in South Bulgaria, 2012

European and International disaster centers

Flooding in Prague June, 2013

Flooding in Hungary,2013

Danube floods_2013_June10

maps of the European floods_2013

Flooding in Philippines

Thames river flooding

Danube flooding in May 2014

Crisis and risk communications

Flooding in Bulgaria June 2014

Online survey about risk communications

Philippines typhoon Hagupit (Ruby)


google crisis responce

Flooding in Western Europe, June 2016